CONTILANOD® - Continuous casting and shearing of copper anodes

The Hazelett twin-belt copper anode casting machine is the world's only anode casting machine that does not use an open mold. Anode copper is introduced between two steel belts, which form an accurate, fully moving mold. Anodes cast on a Hazelett twin-belt anode casting machine exhibit superior geometry, density, surface quality, and a uniform distribution of impurities.

The Hazelett anode casting machine is unique in its ability to continuously cast copper anode plate for use in electrolytic refining. The accurate, flat, moving mold is employed to produce geometrically perfect anodes.



The Contilanod® process

The Contilanod process is a state-of-the-art system for producing the highest quality copper anode. Contilanod plants are capable of production rates up to 100 tonnes per hour.

The continuously cast anode plate is sheared into perfect anodes by the SMS synchronized moving hot shear supplied by our partner SMS GmbH, followed by cooling and stacking before transfer to the tankhouse. No additional machining or straightening is required, thus eliminating costly anode conditioning equipment as well as time and labor.


CONTILANOD® process schematic