Hazelett casters are the source of countless aluminum products.  

The Hazelett® twin-belt casting machine offers the world's highest production rates at the lowest cost for rolled aluminum sheet, with demonstrated energy savings and with lower emissions than other processes.  The Hazelett twin-belt casting machine also produces the highest quality strip for impact extrusion slugs.  Hazelett has concentrated on producing high-quality sheet for demanding applications, including packaging, transportation, and building construction.

High surface quality is achieved by controlling the heat transfer from the solidifying strip through the belts.  To maintain the uniformity of the heat transfer, the casting belts must remain perfectly stable during the solidification process.  The belts are preheated with electric induction heating units prior to their entering the casting mold. High-strength, magnetic back-up rolls are used in the mold to support and restrain the belts. The belts are coated with permanent Matrix™ coatings to control heat transfer and ensure high surface quality.

Gases are injected into the mold interface to adjust heat transfer.  In some applications, ESP™ coatings are continuously applied over the Matrix coatings to further adjust and control heat transfer and mold surface characteristics.  


HAZelett as2000 aluminum strip caster

Hazelett AS2000 at Oman Aluminum Rolling Company


Below are the specifications for the various aluminum casters we offer.