Hazelett is committed to increasing the productivity and energy efficiency of the world's metals industry through innovation in continuous metals casting machines. Hazelett employs leading experts in process engineering, mechanical and electrical design, automation, and metallurgy to ensure that our products deliver the highest possible metals casting production rates and product quality at the lowest possible cost.

Hazelett Corporation designs, manufactures, installs, and services continuous casting equipment. Hazelett is the pioneer and world leader in twin-belt casting for flat and long nonferrous products. Hazelett is a fourth generation family-owned company and the exclusive supplier of the Hazelett® twin-belt continuous casting machine. The company is fully integrated with complete in-house engineering, manufacturing, R&D, and technical services.

The company is located on a 66 hectare campus on the shores of Lake Champlain in Colchester, Vermont, U.S.A. where it has been for over 60 years. With 150 employees, the company is engaged in research, engineering, design, testing, and the manufacture of twin-belt casters, foundry products, and spare parts.



  • World leader in designing and manufacturing advanced twin-belt strip casters
  • Decades of experience producing continuously cast metal strip and bar
  • In-depth understanding of molten metal treatment and rolling technology
  • Market leading process automation capability
  • Experienced R&D team actively working on improvements of the casting process

Today, 1/3 of all copper wire produced in the world comes from Hazelett casting machines operating in 27 countries. In Europe, where zinc roofing is commonplace, a majority of the zinc sheet on the market is cast on Hazelett strip-casters. Around the world, aluminum sheet reigns as the metal of the future, and the Hazelett® twin-belt caster is actively involved with much of that production.




Colchester, Vermont, USA (Headquarters)

Ningbo, China - Hazelett Trading (Shanghai)


The Hazelett twin-belt continuous strip and bar metal casting machines produce semi-fabricated cast and rolled products such as aluminum sheet and copper rod. Foundry products include metal pumps, dosing systems, and heated transfer pipes. Hazelett supplies machines and provides technical support to the metals industry but is not itself a metals producer.

Customers served: 

Hazelett supports and services over 100 installations in 27 countries. Customers include aluminum, copper, lead, and zinc semi-fabricators.


Recognizing the value of its employees with their combined know-how and experience, the company is as dedicated to them as they are to the company. Employee tenure averages 12 years with the company.