The Hazelett line of dosing systems provide a way to increase overall cast part quality and enhance molten metal handling safety.



The Hazelett Universal Dosing System (UniDos™) offers high accuracy and repeatability in the delivery of nonferrous molten metal for applications including low and high pressure die casting, conveyor sand mold lines, tilt casters, or any casting application requiring transfer of discrete amounts of molten metal.

UniDos™ is portable and may be inserted into most metal delivery crucibles and ladles as well as fixed furnace dip or transfer wells.  Tightly controlled pressure ensures smooth and gentle handling of metal from source to destination.  PLC control allows for easy adjustment of shot size.  Closed loop laser feedback is available for ultra-high accuracy.

Simple and inexpensive to maintain, the pump does not use graphite parts and contains only three (3) parts exposed to molten metal.  Preheat time is minimal and complete rebuild time is less than 10 minutes, reducing downtime.

Articulating delivery troughs are available to ensure minimal metal drop into shot sleeves.






  •  +/- 1.0% maximum rated shot size

  •  Only three (3) wetted parts

  • Low pressure

  • Optional closed-loop control

  • Adjustable shot size

  • Inert gas shrouding (optional)

  • Delivers clean metal accurately and repeatedly

  • Shot preheat times allow for easy movement between furnaces

  • Complete rebuild time less than 10 minutes




Typical UniDos™ Cycle Sequence:

  • Press start on the interface (or digital signal from customer-supplied PLC)

  • Stopper rod lowers into position sealing the shroud with a fixed amount of metal

  • Pressure is gently ramped until metal reaches the top of riser tube

  • Pressure is ramped further to generate desired flowrate of the pour

  • When desired amount has been delivered, pressure is vented to end the pour

  • Stopper rod is raised allowing shroud to refill