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Foundry Products

Hazelett provides the foundry world with innovative molten metal transfer and delivery systems, utilizing unique electro-magnetic pump technology developed in-house and in cooperation with leading experts in induction heating.

DC Magnetic Metal Pump

The Hazelett DC Magnetic Metal Pump is the first commercial electro-magnetic metal pump to employ DC current and powerful permanent magnets to calmly move molten metal from vessel to vessel or furnace to vessel or vessel to mold.  Quiescent delivery flow ensures reduced oxide inclusion in any stage of metal transfer.


HIG Heated Transfer Pipe

Developed in cooperation with inventors of Harmonic Induction Gain, the Hazelett HIG Heated Transfer Pipe brings to market the significant advantages of air-cooled induction heating systems for transfer pipes commonly used in the casting foundry world.  Capable of adding heat to the melt as it traverses the pipe, the HIG system can lead to lower melter temperature setpoints, increasing energy savings.

Heat Transfer Pipe