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Hazelett DC Magnetic Pump

Hazelett Products

Hazelett Corporation designs, manufactures, installs, and services the Hazelett twin-belt continuous casting equipment and metal transfer foundry products.

Twin-Belt Casting Machines

Hazelett Twin-Belt casting technology saves energy and delivers the highest metal production rates at the lowest possible cost.

For metal producers looking for high production rates and low operating costs, Hazelett Corporation’s proprietary twin-belt continuous metal caster offers the highest production rates at lower cost than any other casting technology. Production proven in dozens of high-capacity production lines across the world, Hazelett machines are designed and supported by highly skilled teams of mechanical and electrical engineers, casting process experts, and metallurgists.

The Hazelett® twin-belt caster is used to produce aluminum, copper, zinc, and lead strip as well as copper rod and copper anode plate. Production rates are commonly 20 times the rate of a twin-roll caster. Hazelett builds aluminum casting machines capable of casting a strip over two meters wide. 

Unique Benefits:

  • Highest production rates
  • Lowest conversion cost
  • Lowest energy use
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Lower labor and space requirements
  • In-line hot rolling gives preferred metallurgical structure
  • In-line hot rolling significantly reduces the energy required for finished product


Foundry Products

Hazelett foundry products enhance safety and reduce cast part defects.

The Hazelett line of metal pumps and dosing systems provide a way to increase overall cast part quality and to enhance molten metal handling safety. With no moving parts, the Hazelett electromagnetic pump reduces turbulence and splashing during molten metal handling and transfer from the furnace to the mold, which is the most effective way to minimize oxide-induced defects.

The Hazelett electromagnetic pump is the world's first direct-current molten metal pump for the foundry casting industry, incorporating powerful magnets and DC current to move the molten metal.

Unique Benefits:

  • Improved casting quality
  • Increased reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Can be easily inserted and removed from service
  • Significantly reduces service and repair requirements
  • Greatly enhances plant safety